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      Product name:YT-B semi-automatic winding packaging machine

      This machine uses LLDPE stretch film as the main packaging material to wrap bulk goods stacked on pallets. The wrapped goods are more stable, beautiful and tidy, and can play the role of waterproof, dustproof, anti-scattering, anti-theft, and convenient import and export.

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      ◆ Basic Features:

      Manual operation, automatic work, convenient and practical. Start, stop, and positioning can be operated at will. Frequency conversion speed regulation, slow start, slow stop function. The object can be strengthened in any position. It has various protection functions such as overload and overcurrent. The design is simple and clear, and the maintenance is extremely convenient.

      ◆ Products Show:
      ◆ Technical Parameters:

      Term    project

      Reference    number

      Turntable load (max)

      20 00Kg

      Radius of gyration (max)


      Packing size (max)

      L1400mm W1400mm H2 00mm

      Packaging Materials

      LLDPE stretch film

      Turntable boot

      Variable frequency slow start control

      Turntable speed


      Turntable diameter


      Turntable height


      Total power

      0.75  KW

      Voltage/ frequency

       380V/50 Hz

      Total Weight

      About 00kg


      L2600mm W1500mm H2 00mm

      ★ Can be equipped with pre-options: 1. Slope   2. Top pressure  

      ★ can be customized : 1. heightening   2. aggravating   3. increase